Sunday, September 28, 2008


The words i say are nothing

The clothes i wear are not what they portray.

Its not the clothes you wera that makes you

But the character in which you bring forth

So judging me my appareance is neglant

It has no meaning, you have become simple minded

So remember to start a conversation before you judge

Other wise your faith, destination, or luck is lost........

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Story


Confused, I understand is what you are but I promise it will be okay.”
“OKAY” she said “NOTHING will be okay, what about my mother?”
“What about her?” he said
“What about her, her thoughts, her attitude, her TRUST, that’s what.” she exclaimed
“We’ve been together four years”
“A whoaping four years” the girl murmered
“Let me finish,” the boy said intensely “I shared an eight lettered three word with you.”
“We are both 20 years old”
“Point….I am waiting on it”
“We lived together for two years and we are in our last year of college.”
“THAT’S NOT the point” she said
The girl begain to feel sharp cramps and cltenched at her stomach
“But I am telling you mines, it is as if you don’t acknowledge my love for you. Aw but I see what you want.”
“What do I want.”
“It ALL”
“What are you talking about sweetheart?” she said with a sun smile
“The Ring”
“The ring?”
“Yes the ring you want me to propose to you.”
“How do you figure,” she said while changing postions
“You’re scared that your mom will say he is going to leave you, your worth nothing now that was his plan the whole time.”
“Never love”
“Indeed my love” he said “I got it now.”
“Baby I love you”
“No you love the company.”
“I’m sorry” the girl said while crying
The boy wiped the streaming tears from her face as if they were the problem itself they were facing.
“Please, my taste buds have changed, feet are swollen, uncontrollable words are falling out. Please forgive me” she said
He pulled her close and wrapped his arms around her whiling kissing her forehead.
“All is well love all is well”
“Is the sky blue?” he asked

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