Friday, September 28, 2018

Luca Brasi 3


I know I've been waiting for Brasi to drop new music before he went to jail. When he got out I overly anticipated for him to drop some heat. September 28th is here, the wait is over and my brother from another mother came with the blessings of Luca Brasi 3. Straight heat hands down. I did expect more....something that had me going live all the way through, however I am not at all disappointed in this project. Tracks 6 to 11, and tracks 16 to 18 are my favorites so far especially Great Man and In God I Trust.  I hate to compare artist especially against the great, i'm just going to have to say I choose this Kevin Gates Project over Lil Wayne The Carter V. With that being said download that new Luca Brasi 3 NOW!!


                             1.) Discussion           7.) Find You Again      13.) Luca Brasi Freestyle
                             2.) Shakin Back         8.) Adding Up             14.) Shoulda
                             3.) Ridiculous            9.) In God I Trust        15.) Kung Fu
                             4.) Money Long         10.) Me Too                16.) Don't Know
                             5.) I Got You             11.) Servin H               17.) Tryna Yea
                             6.) Great Man           12.) Wrong Love          18.)  M.A.T.A



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Tha Carter V

Lil Wayne - Tha Carter V

  • - After being trapped in a label for far too long
  • - Dropping a Free Album and pushed it on TiDAL
  • - Suing his pops for $51 Million Dollars
  • - Dissing his pops 4 or 5 times 
  • - Getting his pops to apologize ON STAGE at the Lil’ Weezyana Festival
  • - Dropping a TWO part mixtape with Dedication 6
  • - Crashing Spotify TWICE last night...
  • - And releasing his 1st album solely under his Young Money imprint...
Lil Waynes 13th Studio LP, Tha Carter V, is finally here. Stream below and ENJOY!!!

Monday, September 3, 2018

BELIZE Brings a Gift


My name is Kristina and I am a traveler. I probably spend more time looking and booking flights more than I do work at work (lol). I might go to the same State or Country multiple times but never the same city. I love getting up and going and experiencing life in a new location, even if it is for 2 days or 2 two weeks. I don't blog about my travels but this trip is more than worth it, and the pictures will help tell the story. I travel throughout the year to different states, for concerts, extreme sports, museums etc, but I only travel out the country once or twice a year and it's always around my birthday week in April. I invited my high school and college friend Neyssa and my sister for this trip. I randomly bought the tickets for us on Christmas Day being bored for like $250 round trip per person if that. Months of anticipation goes by and my friend texts me "I know you normally travel alone and don't like groups, but I think you should join the group on Facebook Melanin Travel. Its a group for Black Women who travel the world, share experiences and more." I said sure but did not join until a week later. After joining I saw a post that said "Ladies Post Your Next Trip and When." 50 something comments down I saw a young lady post she was going to Belize in April. I was excited and instantly commented, "me too for my birthday!!!" We went back and forth on what part, what we going to do, how long etc. Then she inboxed me and ask the dates I was going. I informed her of my dates and she informed me of her dates. It was amazing because the only difference was we were arriving two days before her and leaving back home one day before her. I asked was she going with anyone, she informed me it would be just her and she was celebrating her birthday as well there her friends could not make it. I asked her when her birthday was and it was two days after mine. So me being a sucker to make sure everyone has a great birthday and also excited to meet a new person I asked her to join my friend, sister and I if she would like and we could celebrate each others birthday on each day together. We instantly exchanged numbers.
I know that some people are skeptic about exchanging numbers with a total stranger especially online but people do it all the time on Tender, Black People Meet.Com, and many other sites. Also I basically stalked her page for a few hours and informed my mom as well just in case. Any-who, we talked, texted and called almost everyday until  it was time for the trip. Sunday Day 3 of my group and I being there was my BIRTHDAY! The tour guide came and picked us up from the hotel and who was in the front seat? My Jessica from the travel group online. Off back her energy was amazing, she was beautiful and so lively. All four of us instantly connected. On the 2 hour drive to the Mayan Ruins we bonded, stopped on the street for fruit from the locals, shopped and had fun! I have had 20 plus birthdays but this is the one to top all birthdays. I meet a new friend and climbed Xunantunich also known as the Stone Lady that is 130 ft tall. I FaceTimed like 3 people so that they could get some of the experience. We toured the Mayan Ruins, climb them and went back and ate the best ceviche ever! The week continued with drinks, fun, bonding and more ceviche! (it was literally amazing and different no matter where we got it from.) It seemed like we have know Jessica for forever, when people started asking what we were and said we were cousins. Hey why not!? Although Jessica is in Maryland at John Hopkins studying to be a Doctor and I am all the way in Texas traveling and being an Accountant, we still text, facetime and talk every other day. I have gained a new friend filled with Black Girl Magic and I would not trade this experience.

There is so much that I am missing out on however I do want to mention the Belcove Hotel in Belize City and the amazing owner and Staff. It was like a bed and breakfast minus the breakfast and add coffee and great conversation. The whole aura of the hotel was "Welcome Home" feel.  Also Spoonaz Photo Cafe and Bar that is about a block away from the hotel, great food, location and workers. Breakfast, lunch and light dinner. 

***Disclaimer my sister did NOT want to be in pictures at all. but she was there***


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