Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Brooklyn Update


Born and Raise as a southern boy with that southern draw Cykeem White has taken the city of Dallas and placed it in Brooklyn, NY. Going from one jungle to another Cykeem adapts to the environment and creates a force not to be wrecking with. He’s been in NYC for 8 months already making his goal just to make it out there. Make his own decisions and live the good way. He now models for Amodels there in NYC. 

Cykeem has came along way (check previous blog post), and is continuing to break down every wall that was built and opening every door that has been shut. This is one smooth guy, eating everyday as if its his last. With a humble head he stills relies on the Support of his God and his family!

Besides modeling Cykeem also skateboard for a hobby, in which he found and needed to have. Dude is pretty good at it to. Cykeem says, “NYC is a tough city but I promise you it can be done. All I'm doing is reppin our city the dope way.”  

I will continue to do updates and supporting this guy like a brother and a craz fan!! (lol) Remember the name Cykeem White, remember the city that he came from (Dallas, Texas) for his time is near. 


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