Tuesday, November 16, 2010

First Class Flight to 106&Park


Like I said last time he is Determined Point Blank. Now all that determination, hard work and lack of sleep (lol) has landed him to be featured on BET’s 106 & Park December 22, 2010. DeWun a young man who I meet only a few months has made so much success in short period of time he is playing no games. We have become close friends and he has allowed me to do a one on one interview to shine more light on what’s ahead.

Mscurry414: So Mr. Owusu, how does it feel to be at one of the few highest points in your life right now?

DeWun: Umm, who said I’ve only had a few high points?? Lol...Define high?? haha well I will say I’m pretty excited and its opening a few doors for me. My whole and plan is for it to not stop at 106 & park.

Mscurry414: As it has become official we know that you will be on 106 & Park Dec 22, 2010 (Make Sure You Tune in and VOTE) and it jumped off because you opened for Trina. Tell me how it actually panned out and what were your feelings, emotion and thoughts during the whole encounter.

DeWun: WELL JUST TO CLARIFY, THAT IS NOT HOW IT HAPPEN, Actually the opportunity came from a showcase called Primetime Texarkana (Thanks to 12ftunder.com). Pat Charles (Senior show writer and casting director of 106 & Park) was the judge. Do to me and my dancer’s performance, I was chosen to perform on 106. Truthfully I was nervous, because he had finished naming off people he liked, and he was giving out tips and pointers on who needs to improve…then in the middle of that he suddenly was like “OH YEAH! There was this one guy, DeWun” he called me up to the stage and had me spit my entire song. After that he was like you’re in…. I damn near fell on the floor. Lol!

Mscurry414: Lol well thanks for the clarity and I bet you were weak in the knees, I can kind of visualize your reaction! I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing and working with you back when you released The Off Season Vol. 1, which is still hot and in heavy rotation, but tell me about the new project that you are currently working on?

DeWun: Wow, there is much to say about this upcoming project. Lets start with the name “WUNLUV”. So many meanings are within the name alone. But when I sat down and started formulating this one, I was at a particular point in life…won’t go in detail…lol..BUT!!! WUNLUV is about that one love or relationship that everybody has had. In which it started out really promising and wonderful, and ended up in flame. The premise of the project is literally “From Hello, to F*ck You” because everybody has felt that way about someone. So the album is a story of a relationship. The first track is Hello and the last track, Goodbye. Every track in between is part of the story progression. I’m looking forward to sharing this “WUN”.

Mscurry414: Very interesting, I dig the concept and I can heavenly relate to it. Listening to you work you have put in hard work and creativity. What artists inspired you too become involved with music? What is your favorite album of all time? What is your ultimate goal at the end of your career?

DeWun: UMM, artist who inspired me could go on for days but people in my life who inspire me on a daily basis, my grandmother who I call NANA, is my daily inspiration. That is my favorite person in the world and she always has been my inspiration to do better. Secondly my father Eric Kwaku Owusu who passed in 2006, being the youngest, I had the least amount of time to make him proud. So the way I see it is, heaven is pretty far up, so I have to do something big enough to be seen from the clouds. My ultimate goal is to not be an artist but a mogul with a positive influence. It seems like in the industry now, all the most influential people encourage others/their listeners to do dumb things. The elite of the industry can’t stay out of jail to save their lives smh it’s a shame. Lol

Mscurry414: Unlike other artist, you don't seem to gravitate to the artists that's hot at the moment. How would you describe your outlook as far as what you try to get across?

DeWun: I just want to do meaningful music. I mean of course you have your singles, which due to what the other artist in the industry have done, have to be dumbed down for the masses. But overall I just want to have a mix of substance and popularity. I’m not trying to compete in the lane of lupe or 3 stacks (WHICH ARE TWO OF MY FAVORITES), but by no means am I trying to “waka flock it” or “burr” my audience to death lol. I want people of all ages, races, and background to listen to me and appreciate the content.

Mscurry414: You have me rolling over here lol. So with that being said on the past 2010 BET Awards they had the BET Ghana Cypher, as a native of Ghana how does that make you feel? Can you already see your future on the next BET Awards or Cypher? Would you ever go to Ghana and do performances and such out there?

DeWun: Of course I’m excited to see GHANA making a mainstream noise. I definitely plan on contributing to that. The culture has had a huuggge (emphasis on huge) impact on my childhood and life. And yeah cypher, I’m not so much a freestyler, but the BET awards reppin’ for the home team! YES!!! I also want to get the newcomer award. I’m working on becoming part of the freshman class. Also, I ultimately plan to go to Ghana and hold a concert, and donate proceeds to back to the children of Ghana.

Mscurry414: Since you announced your success how has things changed for you? And I mean all aspects like females, friends, your work ethics everything.

DeWun: Well, female wise there are a few more that hadn’t necessarily noticed me before, and friends? No change, I’ve had the same couple of true friends since high school, shout out to Jerzee and Range! Along the way I’ve become close to a few others that grind with me. My dude Arkutec, Jeremy Pikture Perfekt Dixon, B10, and The Rivalz. And work ethic has been put into overdrive. Anybody who has known me before this knows I work day in and day out, but NOW… I’m working on top of working. I’ve been waiting on this opportunity since I was 13. Can’t let it go to waste.

Mscurry414: Working with you I know that you will stay humble and have mad success on your way to the top. Is there anything you would like to tell the people? This is your time for a public service announcement…lol

DeWun: Shout out to everybody who supports me now, and supported from the beginning. And get ready for the takeover….. check me out at tune into BET 106 & Park vote Dec. 22, 2010 at 6PM Eastern time and text “A” to 79922


Want to stay on head of the game and know more about DeWun and his success check him out @ these places



Follow him @DeWun_Music on twitter

Wednesday, November 3, 2010



Monica “Da Boss” Gibbs singer, writer artist took her talent and placed it in an promotional organization/ entertainment group. This phenomenal lady has created Boss Like Us also known as Blu and made it a one stop shop of entertainment, from poets to music artist. She covers all faucets of talent that people consume. I had the opportunity to interview Ms. Monica to inform me more about Boss Like Us.

Mscurry414: What or Who Is Boss Like Us?

Monica: “I can’t simplify WHO Boss Like Us is, I can only say that is consists of a numerous about of people that believe in promoting good art. BLU includes many D-Jays, Artists, Models, Graphic Designers, and Photographers and so much more, with that being said every single person involved with BLU has supporters who believe in their potential to become the best at what they do. So the only question that I can quickly answer is.. What is boss like us?… and that simple… it’s a promotional website for different arts & crafts. lol

Mscurry414: Who Started BLU?

Monica: Boss Like Us was created by Monica (Boss lady) Gibbs.

“Funny story on how BLU was created. I wanted to start a Boss Like Us Magazine but thought that I should first try to blog little things about all the talented people that I’ve ran across in my upcoming role in the music industry and I went to this little site that said build your own webpage. So after working on it for a few days I started to add more and more pages.... Then days turned in to weeks and then weeks turned in to months and the next thing I know I started a promotional website that included everything from Music Artists to Models all the way to even having a resource page. The resource page was for everyone to get connected with someone in their area to help them pursue whatever they were trying to accomplish… meaning if they needed studio time or needed a DJ, photographer or model I got that for them! My site includes many great artist like DeWun, A.N.T., Miss Keke, & Wreckamic and Pikture Perfekt photography who are all from the Dallas, TX area and many other artists such as Da Klick who just recently dropped a new mixtape about a week ago and just posted it on datpiff so feel free to download that for free ASAP and check out my favorite Track #12 “Lose Control feat a new R&B Group who is new to BLU called Gymini http://www.datpiff.com/DJ_CHOP_Da_Klick_Reloaded_The_Black_Code_Cartel.m161053.html ( Always promoting lol). Each artist on my site has their contact info and samples of their work for viewing so feel free to check them out for any collaborations.”

Mscurry414: What do you contribute to BLU?

Monica: “My whole purpose of BLU is to help promote all types of upcoming art. I would love to help promote people who are already deep into different productions industries but I prefer upcoming/unsigned artists because they are more hungry for development in their crafts and are a lot easier to work with… overall, I just respect the grind of it all!”

Mscurry414: What Audience are you trying to reach?

Monica: “The audience that I wish to reach is anyone who has an open mind to EVERYTHING whether it is rap artists, R&B, poets, photographers or anything dealing with today’s new creative trend… I just want the audience to understand that everyone on my site just wants to express their talents and show what their capable of and I’m just glad that they chose me to help them.”

Mscurry414: Where can BLU Be Found?

Monica: “If you would like to be featured on BLU Promotions website feel free to email me @ Bosslikeus@gmail.com You can find my site @ www.BossLikeUs.com Also you can add yourself to our group on Facebook Boss Like Us Promotions for updates on whats going on with us.

In addition, I would like to inform you that Boss Like Us will have a new site up by the end of this year that will allow you to check us out on your cell and chat live so stay attentive.”

It was a pleasure to hear it from the Bossllady herself. Her talent and creativity of bringing people together under one roof and sharing their talent to the world is truly amazing. Boss Like Us is a family with a steady foundation and is growing every day. Be sure to checkout every link, every web page to stay up on Boss Like Us in the words of the Bosslady herself “Get wit it or Get Lost Boss!!!”

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Artistry of Jazz Horn


Jazzmeia Horn has a name that speaks for itself, capturing her very essence. She is a strong and passionate vocalist that I had the pleasure to meet many years ago and befriended her. Jazz not only getting a precious gift from God she used every ounce to her best advantage; by attending Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing Arts and then leaving off to College in to the Mecca of culture and talent New York City. For some people music is just jamming to it but with Jazz she gets emotionally “involved” like it tells a special story of her own. Some of Ms. Horns influences include people such as Sarah Vaughan, Carmen Mc Rae, Nancy Wilson, Billie Holiday, Teri Thornton, Bobby McFerrin, Betty Carter, and so many more.

Jazzmeia has a name that expresses who she is and what she loves to do. This young lady has a God given talent and isn’t afraid to use it. She will make it to the top, POINT BLANK…..

Check Her Out!!!!


CyKeem White A Model On The Rise


We all have our own digital camera it’s how we use it to express our creativity. And one person who accomplishes that is CyKeem D. White. This young man to the camera that was given to him and took it to the next level; creating a whole new swag with his name. Checking out his facebook pictures you would see what I am talking about. CyKeem is a 21 year old college student who took his pictures to the modeling stage. Mr. White has been modeling for about a year now but his works are exquisite, from vintage styles, the GQ look and that sex appeal aura. He has done countless shoots that continues to build his portfolio that will soon supersede others in his field. This up and coming model out of Dallas, Texas takes his inspiration from God and his motivation and creativity from his family. CyKeem repeatedly expresses how much his family means to him and how they give him the will to continue his dream. If it was me I would have it no other way. I give kudos to this young man for his work ethics and his own personal style, and hope that he continues this route.

If you want to watch him in action follow him on twitter @whereisweirdo or look him up on facebook (facebook.com/cykeem) and you can checkout his blog at http://www.cykeemwhite.blogspot.com

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Coon Really???


Today the word “COON” for the young African American (blacks) have became popular. Yes such a derogatory word like this has. Some are replacing the word nigger and using the harsher word. The word coon is used as an action, or a noun. Such as two people can be talking and joking around and one of them says “shut up you coon,” instead of saying “man shut” or “shut up my nigga”. Either way it is wrong. Even saying “that is just plain coonery.”

Taking this word and using it as a new term is ridiculous. I admit that that I have used it until I further my knowledge on the word. Especially when an older woman overheard some children say the word and had a talk. She explained that her brother killed a white man for calling him a coon. And her brother was then hung. I find that the word is not a joke, it is not funny. Neither is using the word nigga but it is used sadly to say by our black youth today. This is keeping us in the “white man’s” stereotype.

For those who don’t know Coon is a Derogatory term for black people. Similar to "nigger." Originally a shortened form of the word "raccoon," used in reference to the animal. The black eye masks and nocturnal habits of the animal paralleled the characteristics of typical robbers and thieves. The stereotype was then applied to black people, back in the late 18oo’s early 19oo’s. Your tongue is a sword so be careful how you use it.

Saturday, October 9, 2010



This is for my grandmother who passed away from breast cancer, my cousin who fought it and won. This is for all the ladies and their families who are fighting this disease. Breast Cancer is one of the most common malignancies in women of the U. S.

Breast cancer is a disease in which malignant (cancer) cells form in the tissues of the breast. It is considered a heterogeneous disease, differing by individuals, age groups, and even the kinds of cells within the tumors themselves. Each year it is estimated that nearly 200,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer and more than 40,000 will die. Approximately 1,700 men will also be diagnosed with breast cancer and 450 will die each year.

October is Breast Cancer awareness month and we as a community should take this into huge consideration and become involved in raising the awareness. It could be your mother, sister or best friend who is fighting it alone and feel that they can’t tell you about it. I support with my I LOVE BOOBS t-shirt and watch! Breast Cancer is NOT a joke. Become active, become AWARE.

Man On The Moon:End Of Story


(This is easy Sunday morning ... and we're right here on a beautiful morning in Cleveland, Ohio ... and it's chilly, kids are going to school ... the grass is frosty ... this should be my theme song to life...Hello, Cleveland ...) Bobbin’ my head to just the right beat, smooth, relaxing and putting me in the zone. My ipod is playing Hyyerr by Kid Cudi ft Chip The Ripper. I’m mellowed out not from weed cause I don’t smoke but I’m mellowed from this song. I’m steady writing lines after lines because this is the kind of vibe Kid Cudi gives. It took me a while to really just get involved in his music but once I did, it became end of story. His first appearance on 106 and Park leaking of his new video and song Day & Night is where it all began. It did take awhile for the song to grow on me I just wasn’t feeling it. The beat got me but the lyrics just didn’t have me quite hooked. I played it more acapella and started to feel it more. The Cleveland, Ohio rapper is something amazing people wants to compare him to Wale and Kahkifa but that’s not possible because dude style is wicked different. Yeah a lot of his songs might have to do with drugs but the way he delivers each song and the mad creativity he puts forth in his work. Like his song Soundtrack To My Life which is killer as well Cudi delivers his own personal story over grating guitar beat with futuristic drum pattern and beeps, getting real introspective as he looks inside his soul to the depths of depression, discussing his upbringing, drugs/alcohol as problem solvers. Another hit on his album Man On The Moon: End of Story is Simple As, taking the sample from 1983 Dazzle Ships (Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark: “ABC (Auto-Industry)” smashed it and made it his. Many artist sample from others rather they admit it or not but they do the original no justice, but in Kid Cudi case I beg to differ. He added other instrumentals to it and dope lyrics. It When the song starts off makes me this of some old white/ hippie songs from the late 60s and early 80’s.

Kid Cudi music is creditable something I can’t say for rappers now days.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010



DeWun a cool, talented young man that I meet sadly to say through facebook is getting ready to take over 2010 with his music genius. Of course a lot of artist says the same thing that this is their year to make a movement, but DeWun is soon to shine and make his mark. Give him time he's just in his "Off Season" jogging through getting warmed up.

DeWun got started producting in '04 with a group called southern born and then the young talented artist started performing and recording in '05. DeWun began working with local artist that turned no into national artist and producers. This man is a multi-tasker taking the roles of performing/recording artist, audio engineer, producer, song writer and arranger. Like I said he is only in his off season getting warmed up.

He covers all genres when it comes to creating such as pop, R&B, Hip Hop, soft rock, he does his best to cover all facets. One of DeWun's projects I was able to checkout was The Off Season- Volume . DeWun had MAD creativity thoroughout the album. When you push play to start the CD the introduction catches you right on point. its funny, serious and a nice pulic announcement. He did a fool, making me want to listen to more. My favorite on The Off Season are Spaceship ft J Lew, She Doesn't Know, Four Seasons, and How To Fly. She Doesn't know had the feeling, the vibe and the style of Outkast. I fell in love with the hook. It was not "really" on key but that made it loveable. Four Seasons had the right vocals and icy lyrics to make it a hit on the album. However some of the songs i could'nt really listen to throughout but thats because of my style and music preference. But he delivered a nice CD, not a mixtape but his Off Season creativity that he himself produce, wrote, performed and engineered.

DeWun is working on an album now called "WUNLUV" about a relationship. Already his title is DOPE so I know his deliverance on the album will surely follow. DeWun says that his itunez release date for "WUNLUV" should be 11-11-10. However The Off Season-Volume 1 is already ready for download and you to check out. I'm telling you hands down DeWun will take over 2012.

Want to keep up with Mr. DeWun you can find him on facebook at www.facebook.com/DeWun or http://myspace.com/DeWunMusic

Monday, September 27, 2010



Trey Songz......One word when I see him... "DAMN". Trey Songz Mr. Steal Your Girl and known for that YUUUUUUPP is truly what you call a sexy symbol. You have the young ladies as well as those older ladies who call themselves cougars in awe by him. When he dropped his last CD Anticipation every last song on there was a HIT, from "Scratchin Me Up", to "On Top", "Black Roses" and so many more. It was a CD that nobody wated to stop playing, even the fellas for their girls. Now the 25 year old sex symbol Trey Songz new release " Passion, Pain, & Pleasure" is here. Even though i am a huge Trey Songz fan i feel that some songs were average when they could have been outstanding. I feel that this Cd can't even compete eith his last. I admit I am in love with the songs Love Faces, Bottoms Up, and Already Taken, I still feel that the cd is weak. Some of the lyrics are cool but seem cheesy and makes me just want to have the songs i named above on repeat. The beats and strings he had were nice and on point, Trey had the right concept but failed to top his last album. I'm not knocking him., he is a talented young man but we all make mistakes. And like he said he takes all his fans OPINIONS in toconsideration, well this is my opinion. From a fan who actually bought the CD and didnt download it. I love him always will, but I want him to come HARDER than he did with this project.

WeWurkk Ent is Not Just A Name It's A Movement


Mr. WeWurkk, Mr. CEO Approved, Mr. Chick Magnet whatever you want to call him Dominique "D. Hawk" Hawkins is making moves. A young hard working man from Desoto High School has created something that he loves and made it his main priority and something that many people can relate too. Dominique is the CEO of the record label WeWurkk ENT, he is a Graphic Art Designer and so much more. I am not only writing about him because i hear his name all over Dallas but because i had the opportunity to get to know this guy on a friend base level. Mr. Hawkins is not the only one on the face of WeWurkk Ent, however he is the one who stood out to me the most. That does not mean any other members are less that him. WeWurrk was started on the foundation of music, but having trouble with a steady studio they had to find another route. Something that would keep their name in the public eye. Even though they were high schoolers at the time they knew and wanted their organization to become an Enterprise, but not just on the bases on music. The group does promotions, dacing, rapping as well many other talents...hints the name WeWurkk!!! Seeing Dominique's actions and the way he works I see why he is called Mr. CEO. Talking with him he says that even though he is not a dancer, or much of a rapper the networking that he does behind the scenes shows out in the light. He has the mindset to be on top, and if it means beating out whoever is around him so be it. When descirbing his work ethics and where he wants to be, Dominique referers to the big head hunters of enterprises such as Jay-Z, Sean "P.Diddy" Combs and some others. He said that if they guys can come from nothing and work hard day in and day out, he came do the same.

The way Dominique is working there will be no problem making his dream and what he does into a successful Enterpries like them. To keep up with Dominique and the WeWurkk ENT crew check them out on YouTube under weWURKent and or facebook.com/DhawkCM








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Sunday, September 26, 2010



A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste
(Math Calculations with Hendrik Maison)

If John Nash was black and they chose someone else to play his role as a GREAT mathematician in the movie A Beautiful Mind they would have chosen Hendrik F. Maison. Mr. Masion is a college graduate from Prairie View A&M University with his degree in Engineering, as well as a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity INC. Mr. Maison is a Pre- Calculus, Calculus/ AP, and Academic Decathlon Teacher at De Soto High School. This man is the reason why so many students from all over the metroplex mainly Desoto has succeed in math or are pursuing their career in some field of engineering. (class of 2007 and down). I meet Mr. Maison my Junior year of High School, he was my first period Pre-Cal teacher and later became my Senior Calculus teacher. This man walked into De Soto High School and made a difference, and is still continuing to do that as he teaches there. Within his first year of teaching at De Soto Mr. Maison received Teacher of The Year Award nominated not by faculty but by the students. A native of Nigeria with his heavy accent he still manage to grab the attention of the students. Watching Mr. Maison teach he was unbelievable, seldom did I ever see him use a calculator, he would be at lunch solving problems on the table or napkin (reminded me of John Nash at the window).
Over all Mr. Masion I can say almost alone rose the junior and senior High School students TASK TEST scores and De Soto High Students SAT/ACT Math and Science portion scores. His dedication to his students and those who weren’t he just work with is something special to a new level. He worked hard if not HARDER than most teachers at the campus. I do believe most teachers envied him and said he did not show leadership, but to the youth he showed that and much more. When students had study sessions at restaurants, book stores or libraries he was there and dedicated. Mr. Maison has gotten children on scholarships and great recommendations for jobs, school and organizations. This man is a incredible person with credentials to prove it. Ask any parent that has came encounter with him, and ask all the students even if they were not his. Hendrik F. Maison has made his mark at De Soto High School and the youth who he brought through.



Ebony D. Lewis a college graduate, a artist, an athlete, a all around cool chick. I meet Ebony when I first entered the University of Texas A&M Commerce. She watched over me like a lil sister because she knew my older siblings. This young lady is one of the smoothest females I have meet in my life time. She was an art major at commerce but her art was not only confined to the class room. She paints exquisite master pieces, singles or in series and when she does so she puts her heart into it. A suburban girl from Cedar Hill, Texas took what was pain from her father’s demise and turned it into a God given gift. Ebony paints, write poetry and does photography. She is what you can say is a “starving artist” who takes actions to eat. I have seen her perform at the Back Beat CafĂ© in Dallas, Texas where her connections to pushing her work out there is endless. Ebony favorite quote is, “All work has profit but mere talk leads to poverty”
Proverbs 14:23. It’s hard for me to read a poem if the title is not attention getting nor is the first few lines, but when Ebony writes she gives you everything up front and still manages to deliver a hit at the end. She takes things from everyday life and makes you see it from a whole other perspective that you would never think of.

Her work like “Doctors in You Have a Serious case of the "Lonely" had me going for days. Her metaphors and play with word, the realistic way that she wrote it was incredible. (excerpts)… “ Symptomes of "The Lonely" may include:Hanging around ppl you kno could care less about you yet in still you do so just to keep your mind off of "Lonely"…. “Solutions for "The Lonely": The best solution is accepting where you are its okay to be by yourself sometimes in fact its healthy remember being Lonely and Alone are two different things,…”
But don’t just take it from me, there are many more who can vouch that she is a beast at EVERYTHING that she does. Want to read her work or check her out, look her up on facebook.

(link to Ebony Lewis facebook)

Friday, April 23, 2010



First off when they said that Avatar the movie was coming out I automatically thought of the cartoon. Seeing the previews it was NOTHING like the cartoon,contradicting to me. Secondly instead of being black and waiting till bootleg lol i went to the movies paid my $9.50 and watched it in 3D. I agree it portrayed the government how they are, sneaky, selfish, greedy bastards to the T. My problem with the movie was that they had these 7 feet, navy blue, tribal, Ebro or Swahili talking, hair braided and needed creates. Automatically what went off in my head, "are they suppose to be the "black people" in the movie. I was appalled. I'm not even going to go into detail how i feel about that.
Avatar was a very weak movie. The special effects and graphics were cool, but outside of the 3-D, I did not think it was anything spectacular visually, cause on dvd or bootleg it was just better in the movie. watching at home you can't get into the movie. the start off plot as an interesting science experiment turned into a cheap video game shoot-em up theme. I don't know weather to call it a action film, love story or sci-fi...dnt get me wrong it was good to watch in the movies but at home...unless you have blue-ray and a HD tv its not worth while. #imjustsayin

Monday, April 19, 2010

Womens Appreciation


This is a story of women appreciation
And this is how it unfolds…..
It started in the beginning with Adam and Eve
Where women were first wrongfully deceived.
But truthfully they are the root of the tree.
The reason the dreams of your seed can become reality. See for years
We have been the backbone instead of that rib at your side.
Once upon a time together side by side. We watched our ancestors die and
Mothers cry I children die. It’s nothing like having a woman by your side
To let you know your limit is beyond the sky.
All I want is for you to appreciate me black man,
Appreciate me black man and united we will stand.
Mya Angelo once called me phenomenal, but you treat me as if
I’m comical….a joke, something you can play with and throw away.
As a woman we can hide our love for 40 years, but disgust and anger
Not for a day. So please don’t disgust me
Or leave me in dismay. Just appreciate me starting this day.
To understand how this story ends
Woman was taken out of man; not out of his head to top him, not out his feet to be trampled underfoot; but out of his side to equal him,
under his arm to be protected, and near his heart
to be loved. So appreciate me appreciate me.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Greek Life


Having both my sister and brother in Greek Life, Kappa Alpha Psi and Delta Sigma Theta. I grew up watching my aunts and uncles pledge and portray how Greek life should be and what it was founded on. Now that i have watched them and lived in the atmosphere of Greeks, I'm a college student seeing totally different views. I feel on my college campus that Greek Life is not what it use to be, so i interviewed some people Greek and non-Greek to see how they feel and some are in agrees with me.So for those who take offence im sorry but this it wat it is.

(PART 1 OF 3)

(PART 2 OF 3)

(PART 3 OF 3)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Im Done


Im tired, im exhausted
you lied so i lost it
im done im thur
so fux the thought of stayin with you.

I cared and i gave
you left and layed

..in another bed that was made

I hope you get what you deserve
theres an itch, so u scratch
haha its like a rat caught in a trap
there is no turning back

its itching worse, its starting to turn red
u said all she gave u was head.
You swear that you love me
but this shows no proof.

Im done im so thur
in my bed u will neva lay
so i bid u good day.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Truth

In the light of day all things are exposed. People will tell you your negatives and not your greatness or potential. However, be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. YOU create your visions and GOD put them into play, so do not look towards others for that comfermation bcuz it wont be there 9 times out of 10. Your joy is not set on the heart of others but YOURself. Closeness or not some ppl needs to be faded.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Why Biracial


Being more than another race.
Why must you claim biracial when your ethnicity is the same as mine.
Why must you claim it when a dude say "GURL YOU FINE"
Why must you claim bi racial when you hair is of wool
Oh I get it you want that “good” hair.
Smooth on top naw that’s just a LYE RELAXER
You want to be malotto just to get a job
So that you can be on top
Homegirl you need to STOP
Why must you claim your biracial when both your parents are black
Do you fell less of a person being the real you? do you wish not to be tormented as your ancestors did?
Do you wish to be the Barbie that was in the stores, the one that came with xtra outfits or in that happy meal toy?
To the “white” man if you have 1/10 African American in you, you must claim that.
So claiming your biracial, nah you just WACK.
To send you an F.Y.I
My hair is naturally curly and it comes down my back.
Soft as cotton,
No chemicals straight presses
Skin tone is light
Smart with a job that is OUTTA SIGHT
Born in America with a slight accent
So why would I claim BIRACIAL

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