Friday, April 23, 2010



First off when they said that Avatar the movie was coming out I automatically thought of the cartoon. Seeing the previews it was NOTHING like the cartoon,contradicting to me. Secondly instead of being black and waiting till bootleg lol i went to the movies paid my $9.50 and watched it in 3D. I agree it portrayed the government how they are, sneaky, selfish, greedy bastards to the T. My problem with the movie was that they had these 7 feet, navy blue, tribal, Ebro or Swahili talking, hair braided and needed creates. Automatically what went off in my head, "are they suppose to be the "black people" in the movie. I was appalled. I'm not even going to go into detail how i feel about that.
Avatar was a very weak movie. The special effects and graphics were cool, but outside of the 3-D, I did not think it was anything spectacular visually, cause on dvd or bootleg it was just better in the movie. watching at home you can't get into the movie. the start off plot as an interesting science experiment turned into a cheap video game shoot-em up theme. I don't know weather to call it a action film, love story or sci-fi...dnt get me wrong it was good to watch in the movies but at home...unless you have blue-ray and a HD tv its not worth while. #imjustsayin

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