Monday, November 5, 2018



These boots were made for walkin’, but the designer got them talkin’. Fashion is ART, and when you combine actual painted art on clothing it becomes a masterpiece. When worn, you become something like a walking canvas. I love abstract art. It something about undefined lines and shapes that draws you in. This past Sunday I was in the Grow Desoto Market for the first time and walked past this vendor space, and out of my peripheral vision these painted, black, knee high boots caught my attention that I had to enter.

White pen paint, against a tall leather boot with intricate detail and jewelry embellishment. Just amazing. I’m from Milwaukee and LOVE boots, and abstract art is my favorite and the two were combined so effortlessly. I picked the boots up to admire the details and could not stop smiling. I was able to meet the artist and her energy was amazing and so fluid. She showed me more of her art work and how she designs bags, clothing and more. On top of all pieces being 1 of 1. I could not take my eyes off her work. There were other things in her vendor space, however the things she created by had obtained all my attention. I cannot wait to do a collaboration and order from her. Her items are worth every penny and the time to create and build ideas is worth every wait.

324 E. Beltline Rd. Desoto, Tx 75115



It’s Sunday, I’m hungry and also on an adventure to support a Black Owned Business. When I remembered one of my friends tagging me in a post about Crazii Potatoez because they know my love for a loaded baked potato. I left the house dressed super comfortable because I felt that I was in for a huge stomach stretching, belly full of satisfaction. The convenience of it being only 6 mins away from my house was perfect. I walked into Grow Desoto Market Center for the first time and for some reason just knew to immediately start walking to my right. My senses were correct because BOOM there it is, Crazii Potatoez straight ahead on the right side with a line.

Calm yet super excited I patently, impatiently waited for my time to order. While there was a group ahead of me was ordering 5 or 6 potatoes the lady soon informed the rest of us in line that it was about an hour wait. Was I mad? Nope not at all I was going to try this potato wait or no wait. I’ve been seeing so many post on Facebook, the pictures, the shares and the satisfaction I saw on other customer’s faces made me okay with the wait. It just built up my appetite. Not only that but because this was my first time in the Grow DeSoto Market Center it gave me the opportunity to look at other vendors and see what they had to offer.

It’s my turn to order. I already scoped out the menu online while waiting in line, I was ready. “May I get the number 9 with shrimp and chicken please.” The lady at the counter who took my order (I hate I forgot her name) asked was a sure about the wait, with a smile on my face and certainty I said “YES!” She kindly of talked me into the Seafood Potato which I was really eyeing and I gave it my own twist Seafood with chicken. Who does that? I DO!

At 5 o’clock I was given my Crazii Potato and at 5:13pm I WAS DONE!!!!!! It was as if God himself planted and baked the potato to perfection and had his Apostles server the toppings. When I tell you I devoured that potato like it was nothing. I even at the skin it was CRAZII (pun intended). The inside of the potato was so soft and fluffy, the seafood cream sauce was perfect and not overbearing like a lot of other places. What made it even  better you could still taste the individual flavors from how the different meats were cooked and everything just meshed together. I was upset it was so good, I literally inhaled that potato. This wasn’t no baby potato this was a black box, hungry man dinner, fully loaded, you are going to get the itis potato. When walking back to throw the box away the owner Mrs. Kayla Cooks asked what was wrong, I opened and empty box to show her NOTHING AT ALL IS WRONG. I’m a foodie, I have a palette for all types of food. I have traveled the world and fell in love with many other dishes. However, there is nothing like a good loaded potato to me. I would hate to work in there because they would get all my money. Like I would have to pray “Dear heavenly father I come to you as humbly as I know how, I know gluttony is a sin, but it is a sin for Crazii Potatoez to be so good please forgive me for over consumption.” Let the church say Amen. AMEN!

Seriously, I encourage anyone and everyone to try Crazii Potatoez. They also have Crazii Saladz. Their customer service is awesome, its family owned, its black owned, and most importantly their food is amazing. I will be going back for more, and maybe I’ll take my time and let the flavors savor in mouth. 

Facebook: Crazii Potatoez
InstaGram: @Crazii_Potatoez

Friday, November 2, 2018

Zhé Aqueen


Zhé Aqueen 

I don't know where to start. When I first saw her she was free spirit with straight hair who loved motorcycles, then one day "BOOM"  she did a Facebook live and I found out she could sing. Now Zhé Aqueen has blossomed into a loc goddess whose voice has grown with her over the years. I learned about Zhé through a mutual friend and loved her spirit. She has done countless covers on Facebook, but my favorite is when she does acoustic songs, her voice and beauty pairs well with them. There is so much going on with her now because she is laying the foundations and getting her name out there.To follow and keep up with Zhé Aqueen, even download some of her music, click the links and view the information below!


Twitter: @TheZheAqueen


Thursday, November 1, 2018

Illicit Ghost New Single "Drunk and Alone"

Illicit Ghost

Meet Brooklyn, NY based producer, violinist and songwriter Illicit Ghost. Her debut single “Drunk and Alone" marries Fiona Apple’s lyrical strengths with Lana Del Rey’s somber but sultry pop, making for a sad-drunk millennial anthem that’s both painfully relate-able and stunningly raw.

Drunk and Alone, co-produced with Elliot Jacobson (Vérité, Allie X), was written “one morning in the middle of a blizzard," recalls Illicit Ghost. "The first random series of notes I played became the piano part you hear repeating throughout the song. I hit record with no idea of what I would sing about so I made the lyrics up as I went along. These are the words you hear in the song now.”

Contrary to the literal meaning of the words, “Drunk and Alone” is about the search for inner harmony.

"The phrase 'drunk and alone' is a metaphor for being able to sit alone with myself and process the pain that life will inevitably throw my way and to still find some sort of happiness and find the good in it.” Illicit Ghost explains her process: "I like to do things in one shot, let the sounds make me feel a certain way and see what words come out."

Illicit Ghost is currently finishing production on more singles to be released into 2019, distributed by AWAL.

Twitter: @illicitghost
InstaGram: @illicitghost
Facebook: @illicitghost


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