Monday, August 20, 2012

Thank Yous


A project by Wreck -A- Mic that clearly shows his appreciations through life story and testimonials to family and the haters.







Wreck-A-Mic was destined to be a star from the age of 16 when he first began to rap and write. Starting out on his local hip-hop circuit, performing in talent shows, at open-mic nights, freestyle battles, and other artist showcases; Wreck-A-Mic quickly became known for his heavy vocabulary, hard punchlines, clever wordplay, and hustler's mentality; which has moved him into arenas, performing for thousands of people and opening for such acts as Dorrough, Soulja Boy, Juelz Santana, and Scarface respectively. In the Fall of 2008, Wreck-A-Mic released the college party anthem, Peep The Way I Strut featuring Teflon & Magno aka Magnificent.

The popularity of that song propelled Wreck-A-Mic to the forefront of the Dallas/Ft Worth club music scene and opened the door for countless live performances. That same year, Wreck-A-Mic teamed up with Paul Wall on the song It Goes Down which is now licensed with EA Sports for their MMA video game. Over the years, Wreck-A-Mic has not only formed a loyal and strong fan base around the Dallas/Fort Worth area because of his talents and good music, but has also earned respect for his strength of character shown through charity work in the community which has been recognized in the Quick DFW publication.

This home-grown, dynamic artist illustrates the future of music because he has not forgotten where he came from. Wreck-A-Mic can be described as a universal talent through his ability to bridge the gap between underground hip-hop and the mainstream, which has captured a diverse crowd that loves his melodic themes, as well as his undeniable ability to get people on the dance floor. Wreck-A-Mic's staying power was shown with his last single, Ziploc Fresh. Produced by platinum hit maker 2 Much of Dorrough's Ice Cream Paint Job fame, Ziploc Fresh kept dance floors packed and secured Wreck-A-Mic as an undeniable force in this industry by receiving radio play on satellite, internet, and college based formats.

In 2011, Wreck-A-Mic appeared on The Official UNT Cypher presented by the Campus Kingz Djs last year as well as featured on a number of other artist's singles and mixtapes including Chalie Boy's Versatyle Child 3. Wreck-A-Mic's appearances on over 250 notable DJ's mix-tapes have built much anticipation for his upcoming solo releases: "Return Of The Grizzly" with Dj Da Hitman (Core Djs/Swurv Radio/Coast 2 Coast) and "Wreck-A-Mic Is...God Of Flow 3". Wreck-A-Mic's previous solo releases include 2010's "Wreck-A-Mic Is...Grizzly Bear Adams" with Da Hitman (Core Djs/Swurv Radio/Coast 2 Coast), which boasted 69,564 hits on alone, 2010's "Wreck-A-Mic Is...God of Flow 2" which received 31,947 hits respectively and 2009's "Wreck-A-Mic is...God of Flow" with Campus Kingz dj frosty, which is considered a classic by fans.





Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Brooklyn Update


Born and Raise as a southern boy with that southern draw Cykeem White has taken the city of Dallas and placed it in Brooklyn, NY. Going from one jungle to another Cykeem adapts to the environment and creates a force not to be wrecking with. He’s been in NYC for 8 months already making his goal just to make it out there. Make his own decisions and live the good way. He now models for Amodels there in NYC. 

Cykeem has came along way (check previous blog post), and is continuing to break down every wall that was built and opening every door that has been shut. This is one smooth guy, eating everyday as if its his last. With a humble head he stills relies on the Support of his God and his family!

Besides modeling Cykeem also skateboard for a hobby, in which he found and needed to have. Dude is pretty good at it to. Cykeem says, “NYC is a tough city but I promise you it can be done. All I'm doing is reppin our city the dope way.”  

I will continue to do updates and supporting this guy like a brother and a craz fan!! (lol) Remember the name Cykeem White, remember the city that he came from (Dallas, Texas) for his time is near. 


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Flare The Floozy


Besides having them jump out the gym or doing rainbow shit (lol) rapper out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Floozy is a major beat eater. Every track thus far that we have heard and played on the airwaves dude has killed every last one of them. Even on features dude is wreckin’. Floozy has created radio to club bangers, to vibe out music. But for the majority he’s hype! Floozy Music is Dope and Music Videos are so SICK. He is defiantly putting his city on the map without a doubt. More insight on Floozy just click a link below. 





Tuesday, July 10, 2012



Halfway speechless, you have NEVER in your life seen a Cover video so DOPE, So Original, So Authentic,  So Impeccable. DeWun and Gale Boom has set a new bar for those who thought they were doing cover videos and making the artist proud. Matter fact the superseded Katy Perry with this. The production was so clean cut and precise. Over 50,000 views in only 4days. These young men are a Beast. Just Watch the Video below and see for yourself. Simply a masterpiece.   

Artist: @GaelBoom & @DeWun_Music
Video Directed By: @DeWun_Music
Video Produced By:

Sunday, July 8, 2012



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Friday, July 6, 2012

Mouse Sucks


Having a different grasp on music he doesn't quite fit in nor does he stand out. But he makes music according to his creative flow. 

Mikal George, born in Canada grew up listening to bands like No Doubt and Green Day as well as hip hop acts like Red Man and ... Bow Wow. Sad to him he moved to the States at the age of 6 and began moving around to different states. After a few years in New York, He began recording his own sounds (as horrible as they are lol) and calling them music. By the time he finished high school, Mouse (as he calls himself) had finished "The Ginyu Force" EP and another project that we shall call "The Project Formally Known As Prince" for now. He released his 1st single from "The Ginyu Force" EP on October 23rd, 2011 and fastforward to now, He getting ready to start launching out more crappy music. :)

Mouse: "As far as "The Ginyu Force" EP goes, it was written during a really rough period in life. I was making suicidal songs and giving them a cheerful disguise and that's pretty much "The Ginyu Force" in it's essence.This next project that we shall call "The Project Formally Known As Prince", is a metaphorical mass e-mail to various women who I have a soft spot in my Pink heart for."

Mouse: To My  Fans and listeners he would like to say Thank you so much for caring  <3
                                                                                                              - Mousingworth Suckington

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Friday, June 29, 2012

HD (Highly Dope) Radio


Every Thursday we get it in by going LIVE 9pm to 11pm (central time). While Mscurry was holding it down promoting HD Radio at the Ro Collection Fashion Show, Mellow Man held it down in the Studio. Tune IN!!!.

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

New Level Means Your HIGHER Right????

DeWun Music is at it again, from regular show openings, to 106&Park, to music videos and so forth he is reaching higher heights. Sounds redundant but oh well new levels means new heights now matter how you view it. check out his new music video Higher ft Taylor Cormier. Ridiculous videography, killer dancing, and with a dope artist.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lyrical Expression

As a young, African-American male, I understand the importance of being focused and striving for personal achievement. Many figures in Black history met what seemed to be insurmountable challenges, yet they succeeded, with even less resources available to me. Their success paved the way for other African-Americans to excel. My goal is to walk that same path and help make a positive contribution to the world. I feel that through creative expression I am most able to represent myself, my generation and my heritage.

- Josiah Williams

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Philos The Philosopher


Gas, Break, Dip, Dip…..or the sound of go dumb music straight off the streets of Northern California produces the multitalented rap artist Philos short for Philosopher. With such a unique sound Philos he has work with various well known artists such as Paul Wall and Travis Barker and others. A real humble and down to earth guy Philos gave me a brief interview about him and his works.

Mscurry414: Can you go more in depth about who Philos is, something that wasn’t told in the video?

Philos: I am a father of two, one little girl age 3, and a little boy, he passed away June 2011.I been doing music since twelve and haven’t stopped since.

Mscurry414: I know it’s kind of a cliché to say “Music Saved My Life” but inform us what music means to you and how relevant it is in your life. Cause now most people do it for the money for the hype?

Philos: It’s never been about the money or fame. It’s been my escape from the world. Lord knows I been through a lot but now since I got “woman on my mind” mixtape complete I’m able to focus on my giving my fans the real side of me.

Mscurry414: Growing up in Cali how did your surrounding environment mold you, in such as a person, artist ect?

Philos: Cali isn’t as safe as people think, well where I come from its either ride or get ran over, and since I chose to ride I seen and been thru things you would not believe. I got my game as I ran the streets…mostly by mistakes.

Mscurry414: When listening to your music you have a different style of spitting but we can’t help to vibe to it, what gives you your flow and deliverance? Describe your work ethic?

Philos: Idk...It’s as if god gave the talent of a different voice then what I look like, I plan to take over.

Mscurry414: Doing the shows that you do and having to work with the people that you have, did you even believe that you would have made it thus far whatever that may mean to you?

Philos: You know to be honest I didn’t think any of this would happen, I can say I’m truly blessed and my time is coming!!!

Mscurry414: Is there anything further that you would like to say or put out there to make aware others about you?

Philos: When you see me understand I’m just like you “human” and my music speaks for you all.!/FamousPhilos

Javona Wilson


Javona enjoys a budding career as an entertainer and her love of music has fueled her passion as a singer and songwriter. She uses a blend of R&B, Soul, and Pop to create her own unique melodic sound while singing of love, hate, and empowerment. She showcases all of these talents on her new project "Beginnings". Below is a sneak peak on more about who she is as well as you can hear her single Homewrecker playing in the background. Enjoy!

Sunday, January 15, 2012


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