Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Floozy - This Ain't That


This Ain't That music video from Flare The Floozy recent mixtape Press Conference. 
Beware this IS THAT BET UNCUT type shit. 

Different take from the usual but very legit. 

Double Cup Nightmares


Tack after track, So Long ft Kiara Dupree, Supercharged, Drinks On Me, Sumbody, and  Ya Bitch, just a few of my personal favorites from Nu Money's "Double Cup and Nightmares".  Nu Money was able to produce a mixture of quality music with solid features. Some of the production could have been a little more crisp, however the 4 minutes and 59 second from Supercharged will have you hype the whole time. I would consider this my club banger, just when you think your running out of energy Supercharge is there to prove you wrong. 

The track "Sumbody" would have been my favorite of all the songs however it was too short and had me wanting more (not really too much a bad thing if you think about it), but I would loved to hear more than 2:22 and  riding of the beat. The chorus is really what got me. Not so much a disappointment after "So Long" featuring Kiara Dupree came on. I really don't know how to describe it but each word touched on a lot of stuff and then the harmony in her voice just spiced it up a little bit more. 
Now males are trying to sing and rap on their track, that is cool and all, but on another note it always becomes more tasteful and sensual when you hear a female voice. 

Get your own take of Nu Money's mixtape and request it on Highly Dope Radio ( or contact Nu Money yourself for a personal copy. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Memphis Artist YoYo Piscasso






DISCLAIMER: the instrumental to this song IS NOT OWNED by the above user and the user takes no credits for the track, video intended to be used for PROMOTIONAL USES ONLY!!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Nu Money - Walk Away


The Official  Walk Away Video off the soon to drop Mixtape "Double Cup & Nightmares" brought to you by  2MMStudios and artist Nu Money, delivers dope videography and authentic lyrics. Nu Money gives you another side of his realness and hunger for his dreams. Listen closely to his lines when you watch the video it's more than just lyrics it's his LIFE.


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Return of The Grizzly


Long Live The God of Flow!!!! Steven "Wreckamic" Mullen Has done it again, with his mixtape Return of The Grizzly. Creating chaotic sounds of dopeness. "I put in overtime everyday you can say I over grind," and form all 19 tracks of fire Wreckamic did just that. 

From the sound, the creativity, the features, and the deliverance you can tell this was not rushed or poorly put together project. Salute and Kudos to those producers, engineers, artist ect. for making this a success. Lyrical acid is what he spits, the sound and quality wraps around the tracks giving the ultimate clarity anyone can deliver.

This is the most versatile mixtape I have heard and it does not shock me that it came from Wreckamic the God of Flow himself. Its so much that I could speak on but it couldn't nearly scratch the surface of this art craft. Make sure you download Return of The Grizzly. 

We Salute You Wreckamic!



The Audible


The Audible
(Dewun Nation)

Dewun Music has come with another album that delivers various amount of heat and creativity. Either "Bless Them", become the "Biggest Fan", or you stand on the "Battle Field", Dewun has kilted it with his be album the Audible. You will find that he has tried a new sound on a few tracks such as "Wait on Me ft. X1" and and the British dialect on "#TheseHarlots". 

He has a track with Gale Boom another talented artist called Dangerous. It's different from what you normally hear with Dewun but you will love it I promise. It kind of reminds me of Usher - Climax for some reason. 

Overall I give the Audible 8 I have 5 Favorites out of the 15 tracks. I know
Dewun has a lot more to offer and that's when he will get the full 10 out 10 lol. Be sure to get your copy of the Audible you will be jamming it continuously I promise. 

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bangers n Mash



EJ is born in Sweden with a Cuban dad and a Beigan mom. She grew up in London, with a heavy imprint in the music scene, she soon got invited out to Atlanta, LA to record, write and consequently ended up having her music played and charted in USA.

She attributes her eclectic background to her approach to music. “Music is a universal language”, having grown up on everything from Cubano music, to Old School Blues, Electronica, Soul, Hip- Hop, Dirty South Hip Hop. Ej has developed a universal sounds that’s only natural because she relates and is truly a part of them all.

EJ is not only a singer, she writes, plays guitar, piano, saxophone and produces.
Having been picked up for Sponsorship deals from big companies like Reebook all over Europe and having her debut single synched by X-Factor, and several blockbuster movies, were expecting big things from EJ not only as a writer but most importantly as a artist.

Bangers and Mash Song

The Bangers and Mash song is a perfect example of EJ eclectic background. Bangers and Mash is a staple dish in the UK, but EJ is quick to stress the song is not about food, but it has been used as a metaphor to explain how she likes her men and music. “ It has to be hypnotic, and I don’t like no tricks” se says laughing. With a heavy sound inspired by Crunk or Dirty South Hip-hop the two things mix together to make a song that can only be described as a hit!

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