Thursday, March 8, 2018

17 Reflections of a Resilient Me


Photo: Andrea Henderson (Khapture Photography& Design)
Paint/Makeup: Roni the Poet 

I wanted to be as transparent as possible. To be places in a box because of my outspokenness, my race and ethnicity, my culture and MOST of all my SIZE. It's hard to not let others people's negative definitions of you define you especially when it's repeated to you throughout your life. 6 years ago I published my first book "Mark My Words", and that is a title that I live by. When I say I am going to do something I am just "Mark My Words." It took me forever but I have published my second book a mini photo poem collection called "17 Reflections of a Resilient Me". Its about self reflection, self love, and self growth with the vivid reassurance. I hope those who purchase or get a chance to read it will feel it on a personal level and can relate it to their life. Never be defined by others but defined by what you believe you can and will be!!

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