Thursday, June 18, 2009



4yrs n 6 months of knowing each other 1yr n 6 month of being in love 3yrs of being great FRIENDS.
However storg feelings within me FOR him are returning. In our realtionship I LOVED hime b/c he was
real, and honest. He taught me how to grow, he taught me about "the up n up" of guys and introduced
me to (Like businesses, individuals need visions, strategies, partnerships, positioning, constant
evaluation and accountability....)(greatest rapper)
During our "RELATIONSHIP" he told me my flaw was not speakin on how i feel. We broke up but it was
mutual we remained great friends talking n txtin evrey now and again. But the last 3 months and two
weeks n 5 days my FRIEND feelings have changed, I don't know his feeling but i kno mine and they are
constanly growing more and more. But I know it will never be AGAIN so to countinue on we're jus

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