Monday, July 31, 2017

Genisis Renji Tour Possible


My right hand man, my brother, best friend, a young king and more poet turned emcee Genesis Renji took home the prize of $20K at #TourPossible in Milwaukee. Of many accomplishments that he has had over the many years this is the most pivotal changing point accomplishment blessed to him and the team. I have always been proud however words cannot express the love and excitement and kudos that I give to him on the new accolade in his life. It was well over due. From open mics, to paying studio rent instead of apartment rent, DC back to Milwaukee this feeling is something truly indescribable.  Check out the video below of the Tour Possible Campaign and click the links below to hear and follow Genesis Renji on all his other future musical endeavors.  

Website: House of Renji
Twitter: @GenesisRenji

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