Friday, December 14, 2018

Shells and Tails 2 Geaux


"Father I come to you as HUMBLY as I know how and ask you to bless my soul and the hands who prepared this black box of deliciousness." That is exactly how I prayed over my food yesterday. This picture does NO justice on the presentation of this savory, colorful and fully stacked box of seafood nachos. As you know in many of my previous blogs and social media post I am a seafood connoisseur. If a guy would ask me on a date and ask how would he know the real me when eating and not anything cute, I would tell him take me to get tacos or seafood and #BOOM you will see the unfiltered eating me. I love food (you can tell by my past weight.), especially seafood. I use to go to Shell Shack and Boiling crab at least 3 times a month spending ridiculous amount of money, however it did not for-fill my authentic love and yearn for seafood especially Cajun style. So to save money and still get my fix I would go to Tom Thumb, Kroger or Albertsons order 3 pounds of shrimp, 3 pounds of crab legs which cost me only $20-$30 and the STEAM and SEASON them for the FREE!!! 

All that aside now, LETS TO THIS BOX OF LOVE though. I was going through Instagram and a friend of mine posted shrimp and lobster plate and posted #BIGMOOD and shared the location which was only 6 minutes away from my house. When I tell you I got so hype (excited) lunch at work was not consumed. I waited until I got off to eat. 6 p.m is here and I walk inside Grow Desoto Market and get my regular seafood loaded baked potato from Crazii Potatoez and then walked outside, saw the candy apple red trailer that read Shells and Tails 2 Geaux! I walked up gazed the menu and with no hesitation ordered the loaded seafood nachos. My order was so confident and I had so much faith in them the young lady didn't even have to tell me my total, I inserted my card, signed my name and just played the waiting game. Not only are they black owned and you guys know how I feel about supporting our people but I also heard they were from Louisiana. Look at god, just putting a package of greatness in front of me. 

My name is called, we caught eye contact and she smiled like she knew I was going to fall in love. My nachos were given to me in the famous black plastic bag, in a black box, tied and knotted. Growing up we all knew anything given or brought in the black grocery bag was always something premium, from candy, chips, liquor everything. When I got to the car I wanted to see what the food looked like, because the smell was already getting to me. Most defiantly should have known from how she tied the bag I should wait until I got home, however the hard headed Taurus that I am did a sneak peek. Now why would I do that. Box slightly ajar I saw 6 large beautifully shrimp cooked and layered on top. With a swiftness I closed and retied the bag and headed home. You guys the nachos barley made the 10 second snapchat video and a picture before complete consumption. The crawfish, the shrimp, the cheese, the FLAVORS had me as my grandmother would say "Hog Heaven" it was so delicious. 

The customer service, the location, the price and the actual food has sold me, and I will continue to patronize this business. If you have yet to try them I HIGHLY suggest that you do. You will fall in love like I did. 

Address: 324 E Beltline Rd
                                           DeSoto, Texas

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