Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lyrical Expression

As a young, African-American male, I understand the importance of being focused and striving for personal achievement. Many figures in Black history met what seemed to be insurmountable challenges, yet they succeeded, with even less resources available to me. Their success paved the way for other African-Americans to excel. My goal is to walk that same path and help make a positive contribution to the world. I feel that through creative expression I am most able to represent myself, my generation and my heritage.

- Josiah Williams

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Philos The Philosopher


Gas, Break, Dip, Dip…..or the sound of go dumb music straight off the streets of Northern California produces the multitalented rap artist Philos short for Philosopher. With such a unique sound Philos he has work with various well known artists such as Paul Wall and Travis Barker and others. A real humble and down to earth guy Philos gave me a brief interview about him and his works.

Mscurry414: Can you go more in depth about who Philos is, something that wasn’t told in the video?

Philos: I am a father of two, one little girl age 3, and a little boy, he passed away June 2011.I been doing music since twelve and haven’t stopped since.

Mscurry414: I know it’s kind of a cliché to say “Music Saved My Life” but inform us what music means to you and how relevant it is in your life. Cause now most people do it for the money for the hype?

Philos: It’s never been about the money or fame. It’s been my escape from the world. Lord knows I been through a lot but now since I got “woman on my mind” mixtape complete I’m able to focus on my giving my fans the real side of me.

Mscurry414: Growing up in Cali how did your surrounding environment mold you, in such as a person, artist ect?

Philos: Cali isn’t as safe as people think, well where I come from its either ride or get ran over, and since I chose to ride I seen and been thru things you would not believe. I got my game as I ran the streets…mostly by mistakes.

Mscurry414: When listening to your music you have a different style of spitting but we can’t help to vibe to it, what gives you your flow and deliverance? Describe your work ethic?

Philos: Idk...It’s as if god gave the talent of a different voice then what I look like, I plan to take over.

Mscurry414: Doing the shows that you do and having to work with the people that you have, did you even believe that you would have made it thus far whatever that may mean to you?

Philos: You know to be honest I didn’t think any of this would happen, I can say I’m truly blessed and my time is coming!!!

Mscurry414: Is there anything further that you would like to say or put out there to make aware others about you?

Philos: When you see me understand I’m just like you “human” and my music speaks for you all.!/FamousPhilos

Javona Wilson


Javona enjoys a budding career as an entertainer and her love of music has fueled her passion as a singer and songwriter. She uses a blend of R&B, Soul, and Pop to create her own unique melodic sound while singing of love, hate, and empowerment. She showcases all of these talents on her new project "Beginnings". Below is a sneak peak on more about who she is as well as you can hear her single Homewrecker playing in the background. Enjoy!


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