Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Papyrus & Charms

Based In Milwaukee, Wisconsin the beautiful, honey gold, Queen Lilo is Owner and Founder of Papyrus & Charms. Lilo specializes in handmade and vintage jewelry and clothing. All of her product is natural woods, seeds, leather, stones and more. I tell her every chance I get when I see her make new products or customize pieces that I want that her hands are anointed. He pieces are so unique and not duplicated from no one else but her own. She gets her craftsmanship from her father from St. Catherine's, Jamaica. View some of her pieces below and on her website, I ensure you that you will fall in love!!
Custom Cancer Survival Bracelets  

Handmade Scented Egyptian Themed Bath Bombs and Bracelets 

Align Your Chakras handmade and scented Bath Bombes

Crystal Goddess Custom Crowns

God's Protections Chocker

Facebook: Papyrus & Charms
IG: @PapyrusNCharms


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