Sunday, August 21, 2011

Victor Mr 007 Griffin


Victor “Mr. 007” Griffin is an upcoming artist in mist. Saturday August 20th was his mixtape release party, and being a sister and friend to him I went in full affect and showed my support. Never under estimating this young man to my surprise what I was hearing throughout the speakers was authentic talent. He was eating on each bar. Not negating anyone who he is affiliated with but this young man has pure talent. I shared Mr. 007 (B.M.E) 1st single No Way No How and a few other tracks with a few artist and connects, off the back they were loving it. The No Way video was quoted”to have a old Bone Thugs N Harmony type feel” another stated “its lyrically legit”. Below I have embedded the No Way video for you guys to check out. Be sure to check back because Mr. 007 will be on many other blogs to come and I will share each link and the movement with you guys.


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