Saturday, October 15, 2011

Jordan Frescher

Jordan Frescher a guy with musical talent and upcoming sound!!!!!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Heart Beat


Press play and your sucked right it. The techno type sound brings forth a dope ass vibe. (singing) "I can feel your heart beat, I can feel your heart beat on the dance floor", makes me zone out and just ride to the music. Through the eyes of the faded all i'm picturing are red and orange flashing lights surround by clouds of smoke. Dre Marley created something real smooth.



Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mental Attraction


Physically I’m not but mentally I am and that’s the best way to start. You’ve captured my mind and I know my heart is soon to follow. Many miles away but I refuse to let it dictate my feelings or my wants. Sense we are far apart we tell each other are options are open, but the door for us is not closed. I want to let you know you have the upper hand on these dudes, therefore your cards you shouldn’t fold. You’re a man of God, he’s close to your heart. You have goals and seek education. You have me smiling everyday and laughing so damn hard. It’s just this traveling aura about you that makes you so captivating. You have the access to my mind and that is something worthwhile and more than physical attraction. Knowing I’m with you are like Sunday mornings, peaceful and pleasant. If I had my way you would stay close or me even closer. For us I want a bond unheard of, a word undefined. Even distance couldn’t tame the connection we share. You have a smile that warms my heart, laughter that draws me into your soul. So when I get home standing in front of you, grab my hand and whisper to me “This is the true beginning”.


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