Thursday, January 10, 2013

Return of The Grizzly


Long Live The God of Flow!!!! Steven "Wreckamic" Mullen Has done it again, with his mixtape Return of The Grizzly. Creating chaotic sounds of dopeness. "I put in overtime everyday you can say I over grind," and form all 19 tracks of fire Wreckamic did just that. 

From the sound, the creativity, the features, and the deliverance you can tell this was not rushed or poorly put together project. Salute and Kudos to those producers, engineers, artist ect. for making this a success. Lyrical acid is what he spits, the sound and quality wraps around the tracks giving the ultimate clarity anyone can deliver.

This is the most versatile mixtape I have heard and it does not shock me that it came from Wreckamic the God of Flow himself. Its so much that I could speak on but it couldn't nearly scratch the surface of this art craft. Make sure you download Return of The Grizzly. 

We Salute You Wreckamic!



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