Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bangers n Mash



EJ is born in Sweden with a Cuban dad and a Beigan mom. She grew up in London, with a heavy imprint in the music scene, she soon got invited out to Atlanta, LA to record, write and consequently ended up having her music played and charted in USA.

She attributes her eclectic background to her approach to music. “Music is a universal language”, having grown up on everything from Cubano music, to Old School Blues, Electronica, Soul, Hip- Hop, Dirty South Hip Hop. Ej has developed a universal sounds that’s only natural because she relates and is truly a part of them all.

EJ is not only a singer, she writes, plays guitar, piano, saxophone and produces.
Having been picked up for Sponsorship deals from big companies like Reebook all over Europe and having her debut single synched by X-Factor, and several blockbuster movies, were expecting big things from EJ not only as a writer but most importantly as a artist.

Bangers and Mash Song

The Bangers and Mash song is a perfect example of EJ eclectic background. Bangers and Mash is a staple dish in the UK, but EJ is quick to stress the song is not about food, but it has been used as a metaphor to explain how she likes her men and music. “ It has to be hypnotic, and I don’t like no tricks” se says laughing. With a heavy sound inspired by Crunk or Dirty South Hip-hop the two things mix together to make a song that can only be described as a hit!

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