Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Audible


The Audible
(Dewun Nation)

Dewun Music has come with another album that delivers various amount of heat and creativity. Either "Bless Them", become the "Biggest Fan", or you stand on the "Battle Field", Dewun has kilted it with his be album the Audible. You will find that he has tried a new sound on a few tracks such as "Wait on Me ft. X1" and and the British dialect on "#TheseHarlots". 

He has a track with Gale Boom another talented artist called Dangerous. It's different from what you normally hear with Dewun but you will love it I promise. It kind of reminds me of Usher - Climax for some reason. 

Overall I give the Audible 8 I have 5 Favorites out of the 15 tracks. I know
Dewun has a lot more to offer and that's when he will get the full 10 out 10 lol. Be sure to get your copy of the Audible you will be jamming it continuously I promise. 

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