Monday, February 8, 2010

Why Biracial


Being more than another race.
Why must you claim biracial when your ethnicity is the same as mine.
Why must you claim it when a dude say "GURL YOU FINE"
Why must you claim bi racial when you hair is of wool
Oh I get it you want that “good” hair.
Smooth on top naw that’s just a LYE RELAXER
You want to be malotto just to get a job
So that you can be on top
Homegirl you need to STOP
Why must you claim your biracial when both your parents are black
Do you fell less of a person being the real you? do you wish not to be tormented as your ancestors did?
Do you wish to be the Barbie that was in the stores, the one that came with xtra outfits or in that happy meal toy?
To the “white” man if you have 1/10 African American in you, you must claim that.
So claiming your biracial, nah you just WACK.
To send you an F.Y.I
My hair is naturally curly and it comes down my back.
Soft as cotton,
No chemicals straight presses
Skin tone is light
Smart with a job that is OUTTA SIGHT
Born in America with a slight accent
So why would I claim BIRACIAL

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