Monday, September 27, 2010

WeWurkk Ent is Not Just A Name It's A Movement


Mr. WeWurkk, Mr. CEO Approved, Mr. Chick Magnet whatever you want to call him Dominique "D. Hawk" Hawkins is making moves. A young hard working man from Desoto High School has created something that he loves and made it his main priority and something that many people can relate too. Dominique is the CEO of the record label WeWurkk ENT, he is a Graphic Art Designer and so much more. I am not only writing about him because i hear his name all over Dallas but because i had the opportunity to get to know this guy on a friend base level. Mr. Hawkins is not the only one on the face of WeWurkk Ent, however he is the one who stood out to me the most. That does not mean any other members are less that him. WeWurrk was started on the foundation of music, but having trouble with a steady studio they had to find another route. Something that would keep their name in the public eye. Even though they were high schoolers at the time they knew and wanted their organization to become an Enterprise, but not just on the bases on music. The group does promotions, dacing, rapping as well many other talents...hints the name WeWurkk!!! Seeing Dominique's actions and the way he works I see why he is called Mr. CEO. Talking with him he says that even though he is not a dancer, or much of a rapper the networking that he does behind the scenes shows out in the light. He has the mindset to be on top, and if it means beating out whoever is around him so be it. When descirbing his work ethics and where he wants to be, Dominique referers to the big head hunters of enterprises such as Jay-Z, Sean "P.Diddy" Combs and some others. He said that if they guys can come from nothing and work hard day in and day out, he came do the same.

The way Dominique is working there will be no problem making his dream and what he does into a successful Enterpries like them. To keep up with Dominique and the WeWurkk ENT crew check them out on YouTube under weWURKent and or

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