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A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste
(Math Calculations with Hendrik Maison)

If John Nash was black and they chose someone else to play his role as a GREAT mathematician in the movie A Beautiful Mind they would have chosen Hendrik F. Maison. Mr. Masion is a college graduate from Prairie View A&M University with his degree in Engineering, as well as a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity INC. Mr. Maison is a Pre- Calculus, Calculus/ AP, and Academic Decathlon Teacher at De Soto High School. This man is the reason why so many students from all over the metroplex mainly Desoto has succeed in math or are pursuing their career in some field of engineering. (class of 2007 and down). I meet Mr. Maison my Junior year of High School, he was my first period Pre-Cal teacher and later became my Senior Calculus teacher. This man walked into De Soto High School and made a difference, and is still continuing to do that as he teaches there. Within his first year of teaching at De Soto Mr. Maison received Teacher of The Year Award nominated not by faculty but by the students. A native of Nigeria with his heavy accent he still manage to grab the attention of the students. Watching Mr. Maison teach he was unbelievable, seldom did I ever see him use a calculator, he would be at lunch solving problems on the table or napkin (reminded me of John Nash at the window).
Over all Mr. Masion I can say almost alone rose the junior and senior High School students TASK TEST scores and De Soto High Students SAT/ACT Math and Science portion scores. His dedication to his students and those who weren’t he just work with is something special to a new level. He worked hard if not HARDER than most teachers at the campus. I do believe most teachers envied him and said he did not show leadership, but to the youth he showed that and much more. When students had study sessions at restaurants, book stores or libraries he was there and dedicated. Mr. Maison has gotten children on scholarships and great recommendations for jobs, school and organizations. This man is a incredible person with credentials to prove it. Ask any parent that has came encounter with him, and ask all the students even if they were not his. Hendrik F. Maison has made his mark at De Soto High School and the youth who he brought through.

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