Monday, September 27, 2010



Trey Songz......One word when I see him... "DAMN". Trey Songz Mr. Steal Your Girl and known for that YUUUUUUPP is truly what you call a sexy symbol. You have the young ladies as well as those older ladies who call themselves cougars in awe by him. When he dropped his last CD Anticipation every last song on there was a HIT, from "Scratchin Me Up", to "On Top", "Black Roses" and so many more. It was a CD that nobody wated to stop playing, even the fellas for their girls. Now the 25 year old sex symbol Trey Songz new release " Passion, Pain, & Pleasure" is here. Even though i am a huge Trey Songz fan i feel that some songs were average when they could have been outstanding. I feel that this Cd can't even compete eith his last. I admit I am in love with the songs Love Faces, Bottoms Up, and Already Taken, I still feel that the cd is weak. Some of the lyrics are cool but seem cheesy and makes me just want to have the songs i named above on repeat. The beats and strings he had were nice and on point, Trey had the right concept but failed to top his last album. I'm not knocking him., he is a talented young man but we all make mistakes. And like he said he takes all his fans OPINIONS in toconsideration, well this is my opinion. From a fan who actually bought the CD and didnt download it. I love him always will, but I want him to come HARDER than he did with this project.

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