Saturday, October 9, 2010

Man On The Moon:End Of Story


(This is easy Sunday morning ... and we're right here on a beautiful morning in Cleveland, Ohio ... and it's chilly, kids are going to school ... the grass is frosty ... this should be my theme song to life...Hello, Cleveland ...) Bobbin’ my head to just the right beat, smooth, relaxing and putting me in the zone. My ipod is playing Hyyerr by Kid Cudi ft Chip The Ripper. I’m mellowed out not from weed cause I don’t smoke but I’m mellowed from this song. I’m steady writing lines after lines because this is the kind of vibe Kid Cudi gives. It took me a while to really just get involved in his music but once I did, it became end of story. His first appearance on 106 and Park leaking of his new video and song Day & Night is where it all began. It did take awhile for the song to grow on me I just wasn’t feeling it. The beat got me but the lyrics just didn’t have me quite hooked. I played it more acapella and started to feel it more. The Cleveland, Ohio rapper is something amazing people wants to compare him to Wale and Kahkifa but that’s not possible because dude style is wicked different. Yeah a lot of his songs might have to do with drugs but the way he delivers each song and the mad creativity he puts forth in his work. Like his song Soundtrack To My Life which is killer as well Cudi delivers his own personal story over grating guitar beat with futuristic drum pattern and beeps, getting real introspective as he looks inside his soul to the depths of depression, discussing his upbringing, drugs/alcohol as problem solvers. Another hit on his album Man On The Moon: End of Story is Simple As, taking the sample from 1983 Dazzle Ships (Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark: “ABC (Auto-Industry)” smashed it and made it his. Many artist sample from others rather they admit it or not but they do the original no justice, but in Kid Cudi case I beg to differ. He added other instrumentals to it and dope lyrics. It When the song starts off makes me this of some old white/ hippie songs from the late 60s and early 80’s.

Kid Cudi music is creditable something I can’t say for rappers now days.

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