Wednesday, April 29, 2009



Waking up to my grandmothers buttery grits on the stove,
Makes the image of walking along the beach with
Sand through my toes.

Childhood imageries are the best. Its like a book that
Gets no rest. Spring cleaning!
Wake up to the smell of pine sol all windows are
Open and a cool breeze is a blowin’.
Old school music or church hymns playing like you were at
The block party as of yesterday.

Hop scotch, jacks and double dutch,
Ice cream truck and duck duck.
Sticky hands and loose change!
Fire hydrant blasting and children clothes
Are soaking.

School again, new friends, new teachers
And new supplies, Boxes of tissue
and wide rule paper.
Cotton candy, funnel cakes, fairs wheel, many tickets.
Turkey legs and corny dogs.
Tummy aches night falls.
Goons and goblins, witches and super heroes
Cheerleaders and clowns.
bags of treats pranks of tricks. Candy apple
and caldron punch.

List of wants, new start on good deeds.
I do it, it’s no problem. Decorations and a tree inside the house.
Family with gifts because thanks has past,
No coal but candy canes. Some say
ST. Nick or Jolly ol’ fella all I know
A fat red fella. Sleep early no pepper in my eyes.
White morning and a clear sky.

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