Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Lets Get Real

Lets Get Real, I admitt I fell into tha lil traps he may persued

I tripped ova lil things but Lets get real.

You could neva top the mind set that i have. u were goin that route but u let ur "last year" n females get to u. Lets get real u tried to play me but i was stornger than u think. You promise ur this complex person but lets get real YA NOT.

Whats funny i was so caught up which i do admit but i refuse to stay in that setting. For u to go back to ex and try still to get w/ new for u in now utterly impossible.

so just to let u kno n not keep it inside and tell u y ive been actin like this. It was tyme 4 me 2 get real wit u......

..........LOL u now phase me

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