Wednesday, March 23, 2011



I honestly thought everything was good and was for the best but I failed to recognize the source in which it was all coming from. Many people find themselves running from the feeling with the mistaken belief that you cannot endure pain but i beg to differ. Sometimes pain is for the good, but I’m going mark this as a weak emotion that should have never taken place. I fear the things that might take place in the process of getting over it but then again fear is a weak emotion and i despise it, so let’s see how far I care about this whole situation in a few days. I’m speaking with no detail of a situation that I was involved in. I say no detail because reviving it from the dead would cause more pain in which is not needed. But i describe to you with words on how my poem/note came about and they do say written words can heal the soul. So lets see if mine is still broken at the end......

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