Monday, April 4, 2011

Hollywood RO


From Lancaster, Texas to Hollywood, California Roland “M.E” Truitt has been making major moves. Meeting M.E many years ago and watching him progress has been a sight to see. He’s on the move consistently doing Photoshoots across the states, filming and making clothes and music. This guy is no stranger to hard work. I was privileged to get a 101 interview with him to get some general information about him and the work he does. Let me know what you guys think and feel free to throw any questions you may have for M.E at us, so that we may have them on hand for a future follow-up.

mscurry414: wats goodie roland aka M.E. to jump right in as we know RO Collection is coming up into something real big like tell me about. What is RO Collection, how did it all come about?

roland truitt: Well basically the collection is a group of trendsetters with a collection of idea that would take the fashion industry by storm. We felt the fashion is an art and Art is a way of expressing yourself about others and the world.

mscurry414: I know there is more than one side to what you do, what else is there to roland (m.e.)? the photography, media ect.

roland truitt: That’s exactly how the name M.E came about. I am Music, Film and Fashion. When a person would ask who made the clothes, I would reply me. When a person would ask who shot those videos or took those pictures, I would say me. And when a person would ask who made this song the answer would be me. So to help them better understand, I had to spell it out for them M.E

mscurry414: Nice, pretty dope. I must ask who influenced your style and what motivates you to do what you do? How do you separate yourself from others who do the same things as you?

roland truitt: my inspiration is the world, everything is designed with you in mind.

The Bible says be in the world not of the world, so I don’t really try to separate myself from others but, be among those so that I can both learn and teach threw my actions. People respect it more that way.

mscurry414:While doing photographydo you think that a person must possess talent to capture emotion and expression in a picture?

roland truitt: There is actually no right or wrong way in art. It all about the Vision: as long as your visual is on the same accord as your vision, then u can never go wROng

mscurry414: Do you have a special style in your photographs that can single you out from.

roland truitt: well that simple, the do photography, will I do ROtography that just the market behind the modeling:

mscurry414: what setbacks have you encountered sense being an entrepreneur?

roland truitt: Down fall is “business before pleasure” meaning you’ll never have fun again …lol

mscurry414: What is your goal; where would you like this to take you?

roland truitt: My is continue turn Visions into Visuals And building my Brand and my Legacy for all the world to see –M.E

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