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January Flawz


When he’s doing music you know him by his alias Slyy Kooper, or maybe when he is blogging you know him as Januaryflawz. However I know him as Tracy Woodard. I came across this blog on tumblr, it caught me off guard because on the page it was playing a song Big K.R.I.T -Another Naive Individual Glorifying Greed and Encouraging Racism. Real Hip Hop at its finest, I love that joint. Made me think of School Daze or Do The Right Thing. Anyway, the layout of the blog was dope. The random thoughts place in no order but the right order. You could tell it was created for free thought purposes not for the liking of others. Tracy Woodard the creator of januaryflawz.tumblr.com allowed me to do a mini interview on the subject of him and his blog. So checkout the interview below with the multitalented young man from Dayton, Ohio Mr. Tracy Woodard and as always get back to me with any questions or comments you may have for future follow up.

Mscurry414: so Tracy, tell me about the concept of how you designed your blog, and how you came up with the name januaryflawz.

Tracy Woodard: Well, the huge Capricorn sign that’s my header is self-explanatory lol, that’s my sign, shoutout to all my Capricorn’s and the bleeding black rose represents the pain I have experienced in numerous bad relationships to the point where I was a rose that bled out until I became numb to it and thus the black rose, or death of....in this case relationships/emotions, because I don’t believe loyal relationships that grow with time don’t exist with my generation. My name January Flawz is my soul, January for the month I was born in and Flawz because I am a flawed young man, my emotions, my post, my being is flawed, but those flaws are what make me the young man I am today and I have accepted that but I’m also working on improving myself to improve upon those flaws.

Mscurry414: how did you first get involved with blogging?

Tracy Woodard: I’ve been interested in blogging since I first discovered I could blog. You might laugh, but I have kept journals of my spoken word/poetry/thoughts since I was a young’in until now, I’m 21 and I just always speak what I feel - straight RAW, and sometimes it doesn’t always come off well, so I decided to write things out and post them online. Mscurry414: How do you keep coming up with material or the content for your blog? Many people struggle with coming up with different articles/posts and they only have one blog.

Tracy Woodard: I get inspiration from everyday life, I’ll reblog a post I like or I’ll post based off pure emotions which is what happens majority of the time. I’ll feel some kind of way and I’ll post a pic, reblog a pic, write a poem or note about it and post it up.

Mscurry414: besides blogging what else do you do?

Tracy Woodard: Besides blogging, I’m pretty boring lol, I still compose poetry, I compose music [real musical expressionism] and I do graphic arts, my alias is Slyy Kooper people can check that out reverbnation.com/slyykooper I been moving up the charts rapidly.

Mscurry414: What would you prioritize? Content? Traffic? Readers?

Tracy Woodard: Content always plain and simple, honestly if you look at my blog as a whole, you can make a legitimate guess of what type of person I am, but don’t assume too much, because if you assume you can make the jump, you’re sure to miss this ledge.

Mscurry414: with that being said what is your philosophy toward blogging if you have one.

Tracy Woodard: I really don’t have a philosophy, blogging is for me and it can be for you and just you, don’t let anyone tell you what to post, it’s your blog, not theirs and for those who have a problem with what I post, this middle finger is for you lol.

Mscurry414: Everyone has a favorite/least favorite post. Name yours and why?

Tracy Woodard: honestly, every post is my favorite, because every post or reblog expresses me and an emotion that I have had, felt or can relate to, life happens and as it happens I blog it, I love twitter to death but I can’t fit my emotions in 140 characters ya digg lol.

100% truthful and raw, this ridiculously funny young man has a lot of potential with his head on right. I am glad to say that he is a part of my circle that holds very few people. This is not the last you will be hearing about Tracy aka Slyy Kooper, future update will take place. If you want to keep up with him follow him on twitter @EpitoMeOfTrace and make sure you checkout his blog http://januaryflawz.tumblr.com/.

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