Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Am.....Jonny Ski11z

I meet this young man awhile back and he has taught me a lot, so seeing him do his thing I have to show support. So if you don't know who Jonny Ski11lz is, let me introduce you to not only a rapper with one of the sickest flows in the game, but also to an impressively inventive producer. He gets called Kid Cuddi, John Legend, Wiz but he’s none that, he is Jonny Ski11z and just like his name he posses mad skills. His talent is ridiculous. So without further dragging on I had the opportunity to get an interview with him. So check out the interview below and as always get back to me with any questions or comments you may have for future follow ups.

mscurry414: lets jump right in, let us know who is Jonny ski11z is (and that’s with two 1’s) and where he derived from.

jski11z: Umm Jonny Ski11z is just a kool young man from Dayton, Ohio with a skill and a passion for music.

mscurry414: how did you get started with the whole music, producing and writing scene?

jski11z: Funny story is, my rap career started in the balcony at my old church when I was about 9 years old lol. My mom has always been a talented singer so I was always surrounded by music and just got inspired.

mscurry414:I know that you make music largely independently. What do you think of the state of hip-hop as

it is today? Is it progressing? Is it dying? Is it dead? Basically your overall thoughts on the current state of the game.

jski11z: IT SUCKS… lol but no hip-hop isn’t dead, it was just buried alive. That’s why most of the music that people are really listening to is underground. However the misconception that rap and hip-hop are the same still pollutes listener’s minds. There’s a difference between the art and making money off of music.

mscurry414:To let our visitors get a better feel for what has influenced you, in no specific order could you name a few of your favorite MC's of all time?

jski11z: Let’s see: Jay Z, Biggie Smalls, UGK, Big L, early Lil Wayne, TuPac, Z Ro, The Lox, Snoop, and biggest of all Myself.

mscurry414:Lol I see Jay Z is still top of your list, I remember you put me on a while back. But anyway with that being said, how do you separate yourself from others who do the same things as you?

jski11z: In all honesty I just do me. I figure if you stay in your own lane and allow your talent to speak for itself people could only copy or get inspired. But in no way do the actions of these “rappers” give me a reason to do anything extra than what I’ve been doing.

mscurry414: Very well put. So I must ask this mixtape that you are soon to release April 26th, what’s the 411 on that? What should we be expecting from this album?

jski11z: Yea it’s titled “The Transition”. Basically, it just describes my life as of thus far. I just want people to listen it openly and hopefully someone will be able to relate to my message. But I have music for my backpackers, my underground people, my club hoppers, chicks, radio listeners, just everybody who likes good music.

mscurry414: what setbacks have you encountered sense being an entrepreneur?

jski11z: Lack of vision has to be the biggest. Life is really one big setback and one big come up and you get people who don’t see your vision the way you see it which causes doubt. But you just keep on pushing for progress.

mscurry414: What is your goal; where would you like this to take you?

jski11z: In the words of Biggie Smalls, “No one got in this game to be mediocre”. So with that being said I want to be the best that I can be. I dream of the lavish life just like everyone else. But ultimately I just want to be able to send a message through my lyrics and hopefully help someone with whatever their going through.

mscurry414: How can fans learn more about Jonny Ski11z?

jski11z: People can check out my blog ski11z4areason.tumblr.com, my twitter @Jonny_Ski11z, Facebook.com/Ski11z4aReason, and reverbnation.com/JonnySki11z. The easiest way to learn is to just ask, I don’t bite. So yea I welcome people to talk to me all the time.

mscurry414: lastly is there any shoutouts you want to give?

jski11lz: First let me shout out God and my mamma lol. My brother Slyy Kooper, my producer Creed Houser, the homie Jake Crates with allhiphop.com, my fam Benny J. Price, My fam at GNS Ent., and anybody else who supports the movement as a whole.

More of Jonny Ski11z hit up his blog ski11z4areason.tumblr.com find him on twitter @Jonny_Ski11z this is NOT the last of him I promise you that.

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