Monday, September 19, 2011

Talib Kweli's Beautiful Struggle


The Revolution will not be televised .......The Revolution will not be televised …...I REPEAT The Revolution will not be televised

Like Sanaa Lathan in Brown Suger asked “When did you first fall in love with Hip Hop?” Fighting fit I fell in love with Hip Hop when I first heard Talib Kweli’s song Beautiful Struggle. It was a melody to the ears a song understanding the plight of the people in the ghetto. It amazed me how he could just capture the essence of struggle in such a concise and interesting way. The poetry flow, the deliverance and the educational insight made something in me give me the thirst for knowledge and understanding.

The purpose of Talib Kweli producing a crafted song like this was to provide an alternative route from today’s mainstream so called gangster rap. The song supplies you with the educational sense about today’s world but through music, noting that he feels what you go through. Example; “ Yo, I heard the revolution won’t be televised,” and the lyrics there after embeds its point of view how we are living in the days of greed and contradiction. We go to church to find religion but there’s more love offerings then tithing, govermant is no longer Republican and Democrat just an elephant face and a donkey’s behind. So what if his audience is that of the lower class or what some may call ghetto. So what if it reaches every ear and heart of a black American, he delivers what he sees or have saw.

Why does he call the struggle beautiful is his own interpretation. I find it beautiful because you fight for what is right, you make changes every step of the way influencing the mind and heart of others. There is nothing more beautiful than the art of leadership for a cause. With the love, understanding and comfort of progress and success, being in a struggle is beautiful because it makes you STRONGER.

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