Thursday, July 5, 2018

Sow a Seed


Vegan, Self Taught Yogini, Business Owner (US & International), Poet, Novice Herbalist, Educator, Headwrap Master, and Giver is only a few words to describe our sister in love. Gabrielle Dawn Cornish - Rivers born and raised in Dallas, Texas currently residing in South Korea has truly found who SHE IS and continues as she ventures through life. Gabby was brought up and raised in a proud Pan-African home and is truly thankful for her Father’s emphasis on ethnic pride and health.Within the past year she has traveled back and forth to Africa and has opened a school in Uganda to ensure a better education for those in the Ugandan Community. Gabrielle is the Director of Teonda Children's Foundation an international 501(c)(3) in Uganda. She has overseen and implemented food and agricultural programs in a rural town in Uganda.Gabrielle has not only taught herself how to love, eat and live cleaner she hand and hand has also taught the children and the parents of Uganda and those who are blessed with her presence to as well. Gabrielle is constantly increasing her knowledge of different African studies, life enhancements, black wealth, black health and more. 
 This Queen runs a Pan African online book club where she host online discussions, lectures, delivers motivations and words of encouragement. . She is always researching and learning something, and in hopes of  all that she does wants to be proclaimed as a renaissance woman one day.
Gabrielle will sow a seed, nurture it, watch it grow and repeat it where ever the wind takes her. This is a women of beauty inside and out.

"I know that all in all my purpose here on this earth is to bring forth love and light, but truth. Putting words and dreams into action, and to encourage that of others as well. Fearlessly fighting the good fight because I want you to know that someone some where was and is fighting for your liberation."
- Gabrielle Dawn Cornish - Rivers

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