Monday, October 29, 2018

S.I.N.S (Stories I Never Shared)


S.I.N.S (Stories I Never Shared)

"I wrote S.I.N.S as a therapeutic way to express myself. I wanted to create an intimate project where I opened up on a specific aspect of my life, that aspect being my relationships and experiences with love and women. Each song is inspired by a different person/experience shared with someone." - Genesis Renji

Thursday October 26th, Genesis Renji dropped a 26 minute, 8 tracks of  nothing but big MOOD project called 'S.I.N.S' (Stories I Never Shared). Genesis Renji has put out a few other projects, songs and videos and is known to have a volt of songs, projects, and throwaways more than we can imagine. Oh but this, this is what was needed to grab the attention of his current fans and ones who have been skeptic. On a poetry tip the title alone would has you deep in thought. 'S.I.N.S' is like a open letter (more so a note in my opinion) that Genesis Renji has been contemplating on delivering to his fans but also finding comfort and understanding with life's relationships and being able to deliver in a way that is not saturated like today's false overly hyped love songs. I probably memorized word for word 'X's & O's' and 'Love Me Down' within 24 hours of it dropping. 'Redd Eye' is one of my favorite as well.
Thinking about 'S.I.N.S' title Stories I Never Shared makes your mind drift to your own what ifs, your own sinful yet fun indulgence. I can guarantee you after a listen or two, you unconsciously find yourself in a prophetic
 mood singing the songs line for line, bar for bar, metaphor for metaphor; recreating what you have gone through. The track-list order is perfect, no change is needed. The album itself is not perfect, there are two songs I would leave out but at the same time feel it interrupts the flow of what he is trying to deliver. There is growth in this project from his past catalogs and I am here for it. Who knew that vulnerability would channel the artist that we are growing more and more to love. 

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