Monday, October 15, 2018

Usher - "A"


Okay Usher with the surprise release album.  We know that artist leaves and rebrands themselves by doing the alter egos things; Beyonce vs Sasha Fierce, T.I. vs TIP, Usher vs Usher Raymond. You get the point. On Friday Usher dropped a surprise album produced totally by Zaytoven called the "A", always showing tribute to his home Atlanta. I was skeptic because the two collaborations didn't make sense, Usher is a R&B, Let It Burn, sexual dance moves, confessions, pouring my heart out type of guy and Zaytoven is trap music and club scene music maker. After the first listen all the way through, I AM HERE FOR THIS COLLABORATION! 

Despite Joe Budden's hating ass tweet, we know Usher is not 18. Some of us like change and if it works it works. This is not your typical Usher meaning you can't sing these songs with your parents like you could all his other projects. Being 40 or not this is for US. When I say US I mean the 25-30 somethings. Like I can't sing Ata, She Ain't Tell Ya, or Gift Shop with my moms around. Nope, Nope, not Never. I most defiantly can sing Confessions, My Way, or Nice and Slow. Not charting well with his last single "Good Kisser" in 2014, these 8 tracks is worth all 27 minutes of your time. R&B turned Pop, turn Trap (more or less) artist Usher has proven that he is willing to take risk and is willing to try any genre during any time frame. 

I don't give this album a solid 10 but I most defiantly give is a strong 8. That's just because some of the lyrics and delivery wasn't hitting for me. If you haven't heard it yet, don't go in wanting the old R&B Usher, think about who he is collaborating with and use that perspective. Almost like when first collaborated with Lil Jon and the impact it made during that time.      


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