Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Tokyo Jetz

Tokyo Jetz

As my friend Apolleaux would say "Florida will Florida bruh," meaning they are going to produce some good quality stuff or they're not. In this case and Florida has been just doing that producing great things. Getting a huge spotlight more lately with all these female rappers coming to light and since Comedian/Rapper Lil Duval song 'Smile', here's Jacksonville, Florida's Top 5 female rapper Tokyo Jetz. 

Co-signed by T.I and now affiliated with his label Hustle Gang, I remember watching her on Facebook doing freestyles and seeing 1 or 2 videos last year and thinking she was dope. She didn't catch my attention musically that hard but it was enough to keep me as a fan to watch her grow. It wasn't until just recently when I was at the (my favorite rapper) Kevin Gates concert in Dallas that she opened up for him, making me more intrigued again. Tokyo Jetz rocked the hell out of that stage.  She most definitely has stage presences. I know it's not me personally that she is trying to convince but this showed me that she was ready and was developing into a true artist. 

I'm going to admit I downloaded her new album 'Bonafide' which is out now on all music media, but I did not listen to it right away. I have ton of music that I have to get to. This past weekend I finally sat down to listen to it all the way through. Production wise I give it a 6 out of 10 there are some flaws in the mastering of it, and personally feel she should work on her delivery or find beats that form to her. The are some SOLID features on this album including Florida's Bad B*tch, the beautiful Trina, Kash Doll, Trey Songz and T.I. To rate this album I would say a overall 7. Not to say this is not a good album but there's room for growth, content wise, production wise etc. My top songs from this 11 track project are 'No Problem', 'The One', and '1000 ft T.I. & Trey Songz'. In that order. I have some of Tokyo Jetz's singles and other projects and I know she can hold her own, however the majority of her songs in her catalog that I like have features and I don't want her to turn into just a feature type of artist. 

Patiently waiting for her growth and development I have high hopes for Tokyo. Check out her new project by streaming below or follow her pages by clicking the link in KEEPING UP WITH TOKYO JETZ


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