Monday, October 8, 2018

A Piss Poor Job with The HamilTones

HEATED!!!! For those who don't know who The HamilTones are, they are the background vocalist for R&B Singer and Songwriter Anthony Hamilton. The HamilTones were in Dallas, Texas Friday October 5th as the main act for the Food For Soul Concert at the South Side Ballroom. This was the worst hosting and venue set up ever. As a gift my mom purchased 3 $65  VIP with Meet and Greet Tickets for me and my siblings. Meet and Greet was suppose to start before the concert which started at 7 pm. Like I said SUPPOSE to. The doors to the venue did not open until 7:34 pm. General admission and VIP was in 1 long line until people start complaining. It took almost an hour to get in, because there were only two people working the ticket booth and only one of them had a half working computer, so all the staffing personnel was operating off sheets of unorganized papers. After finally getting our wristbands and in the venue we were told our seats are when we first walk in. I did not understand how our seats would be the first seats when we walk in if we paid for reserved VIP seating with meet and greet. On the website The table seating which was $35 was supposed to be BEHIND the VIP Seating but they had it the other way around in the venue. It was so many people upset and complaining to the staff but all the employee people said is "its not our fault and nothing we can do." After all that complaining there were people with NO wristbands meaning they bought standing room only, sitting in the VIP Seats and refusing to get up. Security did nothing. One security guy said "fuck it here are some wristbands," to a group of people 3 rows ahead of us. I'm furious at this point. I wanted to leave however I was not going to waste $200 with tax plus $30 for parking. So I stayed. By now it is 10:30 pm and STILL NO HamilTones. The people who was hosting this event had 12 acts before the HamilTones, they were unorganized, ghetto and unhelpful. The Meet and Greet did not start until 12:15 am and so many people left because it was ridiculous on the timing and organization. At the meet and greet we were unable to talk the the HamilTones and only allowed ONE picture before getting shooed out the back door to leave the premises. The HamilTones have reached a plateau in which they should be choosy on who books them, the venue location, the hosting, the band all things that it take to put on a show just like if they were performing with Anthony Hamilton. This concert was a JOKE. 

HamilTones is too great of a group to be hosted by the mere basics. A search to find a better booking agent should be on the agenda. 

-Signed an HIGHLY Disappointed Fan and Customer

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